Scholarships can be a tremendous help when paying for postsecondary education. Scholarships can be found almost anywhere and have a wide variety of requirements. There are many online tools to help you search for scholarships!

There are 3 types of scholarships:

  • National
  • Institutional
  • Local

Local scholarships are often your best chance to receive a scholarship because you are competing with less students. Always apply for the Oceana Community Foundation Scholarships! ! Check out other local organizations for scholarship opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • Bank or Credit Union
  • Employer
  • Non-profits

Institutional scholarships are awarded by the college. Merit based scholarships are often awarded when you are admitted into the college based on your high school GPA and SAT score. If you are a high school senior who is certain on which college they will attend, apply for additional scholarships through the college! Those funds can only be applied to that specific college.

Current college students should check with their college for additional scholarships. Ask faculty in your academic department and the financial aid office about scholarships. Colleges with TRiO programs may offer scholarship opportunities as well!

National scholarships are more competitive because you are competing against students across the country. There are many national scholarships out there and can be “lottery” based or be more involved and require an essay. There are many great scholarship search websites that allow you to create an account and match you with scholarships!

Never pay for a scholarship – it could be a scam!

Below is one scholarship list to start you search for local, state, and national opportunities.


The Community Foundation for Oceana County Scholarship application opens on October 15th and closes March 1st. Click here to check out their website for instructions and available scholarships.

If you are a high school or homeschooled senior, current college student, an early college student, or adult learner/returning student, the Community Foundation for Oceana County (CFOC) may have a scholarship for you. We manage the largest scholarship program in our area, with nearly $323,000 committed to 197 students in 2023!


Class of 2023: Log in or create an account on the College Board’s website. This is the same account where you can review your SAT scores.

Complete simple steps to be entered in to win monthly scholarships! If you complete all the steps, you will be entered in to win the College Board’s grand prize scholarship ($40,000!). Click here to view steps you need to take to be eligible!

Here are the steps you may take on the College Board’s website:

1. Build your College List – $500

2. Practice for the SAT – $1,000

3. Improve your Score – $2,000

4. Strengthen your College List – $500

5. Complete the FAFSA – $1,000

6. Apply to Colleges – $1,000

Complete all 6 steps by each deadline to be entered to win a $40,000 scholarship! (25 winners!)

What Is "College"?

College is all post-secondary education including certificate programs, trade schools, community colleges and 4 year colleges and universities. Learn More