Adults to College

Sometimes life gets in the way of a dream. Work, kids, military, money, health issues – sometimes all of the above.

But it’s never too late.

If you’re thinking about starting or returning to college to prepare for a secure and rewarding career, now’s the time!


Michigan Reconnect is a new scholarship program for eligible adults 25 years and older who want to pursue an associate degree or skills certificate.

To be eligible, you must:

– Be at least 25 years old when you apply

– Have lived in Michigan for a year or more

– Have a high school diploma or equivalent

– Have not yet completed a college degree (associate or bachelor’s)

Michigan Reconnect provides free in-district tuition, mandatory fees, and contact hours for accepted and eligible applicants to pursue a Pell-eligible associate degree or skill certificate at any of Michigan’s public community colleges. 

*Most Oceana residents do not live in-district of any community college so this scholarship offers discounted tuition…there are options to cover this gap in funding!


Adult student scholarships are offered on a rolling basis to Oceana County residents (or residents of an Oceana-based school district) who have been out of high school for at least one year and/or have a gap in their post-secondary education. 

Many residents of Oceana County do not live in district to a community college, therefore MI Reconnect only covers a portion of tuition. Apply below for a scholarship to cover the gap in funding.


The Michigan Equity, Courage, Hope, and Opportunity (MI ECHO) Scholarship allows people living in Michigan to access associate’s degree and certificate programs. The scholarship covers tuition, contact hours, and other mandatory fees. Through MI ECHO, students can earn a degree or certificate to gain stable employment and boost their standard of living.

Michigan Equity, Courage, Hope, Opportunity (MI ECHO) Scholarship

This scholarship is only for people who cannot access federal financial aid (ex. DACA, Temporary Protected Status immigrants [TPS], Asylum pending, or Special Immigrant Juveniles [SIJ]) and who worked on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The candidate must be eligible for acceptance into a certificate or associate degree program and cannot have previously earned an associate or bachelor’s degree in any country.


MI LEAP provides financial support in addition to guidance and support to individuals who are seeking short-term training towards a career that is in high demand in our community.

The goal of MiLEAP is to engage individuals who have been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, and develop meaningful opportunities for them to connect to the labor market. Individuals who were employed at the onset of the pandemic but did not have a training credential, were potentially the first to be laid off due to the lack of a credential. With the help of this program Michigan Works! West Central can help you attain high-level skills that lead to employment!

This program can provide up to $3000 tor those seeking a short-term credential and/or are in the final year of a longer degree or credential. These funds can be used for tuition or potentially for life needs that may be posing barriers to completing your education (life needs are barriers such as childcare, transporation, food insecurity, etc..).



Become self-sufficient during lean times.

In partnership with the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP), Telamon provides services that educate, train, or prepare eligible farmworkers for other jobs. Our trained staff members work one on one with you to develop a plan to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. The programs can help you identify career paths and assess your skills and interests.

What Is "College"?

College is all post-secondary education including certificate programs, trade schools, community colleges and 4 year colleges and universities. Learn More