Oceana CAN! has two action teams comprised of direct service providers within our community to complete “on the ground”  projects. The teams implements projects to lower the systematic barriers that prevent students from entering and completing post-secondary programs. The members of each action team works closely with the Oceana CAN! coordinator identifying strategies, setting goals, and implementing action plans focused on the current priority areas of the network.


College-Going & Career Ready Culture Action Team

Tasked to increase high school students exploration of career pathways and post-secondary educational choices, by engaging the larger community, including colleges, businesses, and organizations, along with K-12 programming.

2017-18 Initiatives

  • Campus Visits – Students are bussed to college campuses to find out what college is all about, explore campuses, find the right fit for their post-secondary path, and complete orientation and registration requirements.
  • Oceana College & Career Fair – All Oceana Juniors will attend this event on Feb. 21st to explore career options by connecting with representatives from  nearly 70 local businesses, organizations and higher education institutions in order to prepare to make informed educational and career choices.
  • Students in the Workplace – Oceana Juniors will be encouraged to participate in a half day job shadow opportunity with 3-5 local businesses.
  • Information Sharing – Handouts and resources will be available at libraries, school conferences, and public events. Informational articles will be submitted to local press and school newsletters
  • Statewide Initiatives – All 4 high schools will participate in all 3 initiatives – College Application Week, College Cash Campaign, College Decision Day
MCC admissions representative assists Hart students during the 2015/16 College Application Week.

MCC admissions representative assists Hart students during the 2015/16 College Application Week.


Oceana CAN! Financial Readiness Action Team

Tasked to reduce financial barriers and foster greater understanding of financial resources for families & students to better navigate post-secondary education options.

2017-18 Initiatives

  • Information Sharing – Handouts explaining college payment options  and dispelling myths around loans, grants, scholarships, work-study program
  • Financial Information Night – To share information with students and families concerning the multiple options for paying for post-secondary education
  • FAFSA Completion Events – At each high school with local college  representatives on hand to assist students with submitting the correct financial information.
  • TIP Eligibility – Educating families about their eligibility to receive state Tuition Incentive Program dollars

What Is "College"?

College is all post-secondary education including certificate programs, trade schools, community colleges and 4 year colleges and universities. Learn More