What do you want to be when you grow up? This question can be stressful! If you currently do not know- that’s ok! You should narrow down your options by considering a few career clusters that spark your interest. Below you will find a list of career clusters where the majority of jobs fit under. Take a career cluster interest survey or a personality questionnaire to help you as well.



No matter if you are pursuing a certificate, Associate’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree, you will need to pick a program or a major. Bachelor’s degrees may have multiple majors and/ or minors (Examples: A student can be a political science major and have a Spanish minor. Another student can have a double major in art and communications. Both can complete the degree in 4 years).

Certificates and Associate’s degrees can be more specific such as Carpentry, Electronics, or Welding.

It is OK if you go to college undecided or if you change your major, but hopefully you can pick the right career cluster so you complete your program on time!

Picking a Program/Major Checklist:

  • What types of jobs can you get with that program/major(s)?
  • What is the job outlook like? Is the field growing or shrinking?
  • What is the cost of the program?
  • How much money can you earn in the field?
  • Will you need to get an advanced degree to find a job in the field?
  • Does the program/major align with your interests?
  • Does the program/major align with your personality type?
  • Does the program/major make you excited/ happy to go to college?

Check out these additional resources on picking a program or a major(s)/minor(s)!


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What Is "College"?

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